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an amazingly awful school in Dunwoody Georgia. Home to "The patriots" which are really just awful kids. Anyone who goes there hates it. Kids are either On track and "star students" or they do weed and think they're "the shit", or they're goth. The school's known for "good education" but really the teachers are only nice for one week and then they'll flip out. Everyone hates it here unless you're a prep
Person 1: My friend started hanging out with some weird-ass people, but I don't know where they go to school.

Person 2: Oh they probably go to Peachtree Middle School
by anon12993839292 August 20, 2017
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A school where there are alot of diffrent races but everyone is divided and we all know it. A school where most of the kids probably smoke or juul. A school that has lots of thots and girls that think they are depressed. A place where you can be friends with somebody and they turn on you the next day. A school where all the hispanic girls think they are thick asf..LOL. A school where everyone judges everyone and where ppl cheat on eachother with someone ugly asf. A school where the teachers give give a shii about their students.A school where they teachers scream and can't control their students.A school where all the rich white kids have better classes and are divide from everyone else. welcome to peachtree middle school luvs.
Hey did you see that girl that is flat asf??

Oh she probably goes to peachtree middle school.
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by gorillabannana777 September 09, 2019
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