To become unconscious.
That guy had me in a choke hold and I almosed peaced out.
by Gin&Sin August 18, 2005
Adjective - To be so intoxicated that you just sit there and smile without a care.
Person A: "Nick! NICK!! Come on, man! Let's go!"

Person B: "Dude... leave him alone. He is totally peaced out."

Nick: "Hee hee.... huh...."
by RedEye September 21, 2005
1. A slang term telling someone good-bye, used with a hand gesture in which you pound your chest with your fist twice, then give the peace sign.
In Napoleon Dynamite, Kip acted cool and told Napoleon: "Peace Out".
by Disco_Bandit February 12, 2006
Two words when separated mean much, but together mean the world. As a young boy, I have always used the phrase "peace out". A "peace out", sends good, positive vibrations. Also this colloquial saying allows the person to know that you are giving them good vibes in a world full of negativity. This my friends is why we must trust in each other. No matter our political differences, or religions, or even our skin color if we are together and united than big brother shall never prevail. I call this "peace out"; because if we, the people were to unite. Peace shall be spread and there will be none more to giveOUT. I trust you guys, and i love you guys, and I hope you make the right choice for seeking a better world. And remember if you see anyone out there having a bad day, a "peace out" might just change that.
Aye, I'll catch you later.

Aye, Peace Out!
by The Wonderer_69 June 26, 2021
v. leaving
(used like the word 'bounce')
other forms: peaced out, peace out
She peaced out mad early.

Dude, I'm bout to peace out in a few minutes.

Those kids are peacing out cuz they're lame.
by damnGIRL December 22, 2006
A wannabee hippie saying good bye.
Dude 1: Peace out maaaaan.
Dude 2: Riiiiiiiight.
by A REAL hippie August 22, 2006
depending on the context:
1) c ya later
2) fuck off
1) ok, gtg. peace out!
2) peace out, loser (d.)
by ppppp May 2, 2004