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Variation of the good bye "Peace" but adds love and dope to the ending.

used by a small group of stoners in western Pennsylvania to express the philosophy: PLD; all that matters is Peace towards others (stoners in particular), Love towards all, and Dope (marijuana) to open all doors of reality so that one may fully realize their thoughts. Normally characterized by a state of highness that allows one to manifest constructive highdias at will.
"Hey dude Ill see you Later." "peace"
"Ya ill see you tomorrow man, Peace love dope" (or PLD for short)

"Dude I am fucking ripped right now, why cant everyone just experience this and Listen to Bob Marley. Lets unite all nations!"
"Hold on man your havin a real Peace, Love, and Dope moment, stfu and hit the blunt, and well make it happen Cause thats a grand idea"
by D double A January 30, 2012
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