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One of the side effects of the anti-depression drug Paxil is the onset of a mania state, the opposite of a depressed state. Instead of low energy levels, someone experiencing Paxil mania has an excess of energy.

Dangers include making unnecessarily hasty decisions with possible terrible unseen consequences, confronting others (and sometimes getting into fights with them), excessive spending on sometimes questionable items.

Somebody with Paxil mania is more likely to lose their job, lose their significant other, lose their house or apartment, or lose something else of value.

Paxil mania almost always ends with a crash, that is, a return to deep depression from a state of apparent happiness. The crash is often accompioned by an interaction with a mental health hospital.
John checked into a mental hospital after he crashed from his Paxil mania.
by tokugawa227 August 24, 2011
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