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Home of Larry The Cable Guy. Get R' Done. Corn as far as the eye can see. You can see the town in about 10 minutes... that's if your driving slow. Boredom. Sometimes people have fun. About 1,000 people. One School. Tons of teenage drinking. Tons of drama. Tons of stupid cops. One Place... Pawnee City.
Yea, We Live Here. It's Pawnee City, Nebraska.
by helllooooololaaaaaa:)))))))))) September 27, 2009
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Home of Cody the oil guy. Git-R-Changed
Adam: Did you get your car serviced yet

Mike: Nope

Adam: Take it to Cody the oil guy in "pawnee city, nebraska". He will Git-R-Changed
by shawnzee February 27, 2012
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