The correct grammar of the l337 word "pwn". Used by individuals who either refuse to type in the correct l337 word.
Joker46: Haha, I just pawned your ass.
HackerMan: Wha? it's pwn j00 ass, sucker.
Joker46: I prefer pawn. Sounds better.
by Hattori May 10, 2004
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Word used in Online games(Meaning:Pussy Always Beats Noob(newb or w/e)
"Jimmy did you beat him in your game?"
"Nah,I got PAWN'd badly..."
by PooP December 18, 2004
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Someone who misses the obvious. Usually because they have their heads in the clouds or they arrogant.
(Three people talking)
Girl One: (looking at her left hand) "Who's the lucky man ?"
Guy: (thinking Girl One is referring to him) "What ? Am I a lucky what ?"
Girl Two: "She's engaged you pawn !". (Girl One raises her left hand to reveal her engagement ring)
by Arkaxow April 26, 2008
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