an expression used to describe something super "Cool" "Awesome" or "Legit"
can be used as a hashtag on Twitter #PaveTheRoad

Or could also mean "paving the road of your life"
a big event happened in your life and you want to add it to your journey (your road... your path.)
Your Path of Life.
Tom- I had an orgy last night!

Joe- Awesome man, Pave the road!
by akatkrugu69 December 28, 2011
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when hash oil is smeared on a paper and rolled with either tobacco or bud. It simulates asphault being paved on a road when the oil is smeared on a paper.
darren had a half vile of oil so we were paving roads all night.

steve was paving roads all night.

want to hit up my bong?
nah, im game for paving roads though.
by fairf February 4, 2008
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