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To be as intoxicated as Paul "Face-Sitter" Wall. To be uncontrolably drunk, and have no sense of balance or control of your actions. To generally have no standards for women, and to really only require that her belly does not stick out further then her boobs. To repeatly scream "I'm not drunk" and other various racial slurs. To be drunk enough to scream "Piggly Wiggly" at near by police officers.
Muc: Yo J, what did you do last night?
J-Bone: Aww man, I was fucked up, I got Paul Wall Drunk!
Muc: Oh no. What did you do?
J-Bone: Got kicked out of 4 bars downtown, got in a fight, used the N word accidently twice, then met up with this girl...
Muc: How big?
J-Bone: Aww man, not that big, she passed the test.
Muc: Paul Wall Drunk. Good job.
by YoUKnoW99 April 20, 2008
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