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A race car driver known for his ridiculous sideburns and soul patch. He never really accomplished much on the track until a community of race fans at RuRa all changed their avatars to pictures of Mr. Menard. He immediately started busting out great finishes and found himself in the top 10 of the Sprint Cup point standings. This can solely be attributed to the advent of the Menardvatar by the people at RuRa, who are formally known as the Paul Menard Empire. The next goal of the Empire, should he not win a race, is to vote Paul into the All-Star Race. They will not be denied.
You: Wow, Menard is really diggin'!
Me: Thanks to the Empire, the Menardvatar, and the month of Menarch, you're looking at the future NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, Paul Menard!
by the PM Empire March 24, 2010
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