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An alcoholic beverage consisting of vodka, preferably Smirnoff, orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and sprite. To make one, fill a cup halfway full with pure vodka, then put in equal parts of the remaining ingredients until the cup is full. Ice cubes are also recommended. In a perfect Patty Smasher, the alcohol cannot be tasted; however, the drinks will get you highly intoxicated. One of these smashers will give you a nice buzz, more than 3 and you will be wasted. It does not kick in right away, but after you have finished them, the alcohol will kick in quickly. Patty Smashers are highly recommended for having a good night and waking up not remembering anything.
Patrick: Wow, you were so drunk last night! What did you do?
Michael: I can't even remember! The last thing I can remember is chugging my 3rd Patty Smasher!
Patrick: Wow! Those Patty Smashers are lethal!
by MKPM January 23, 2011
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