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Where do I start.. Patriot High School is a overpopulated and large school in Nokesville, Virginia infested with bugs, weed and trash and no not trash as in used cups and old leftovers goes into.. like the majority of the students that attend this school is the embodiment of literal trash. Preppy white girls who wear socks with sandals and play lacrosse, hockey or volleyball and juul in the bathrooms who are developing popcorn lung as we speak basically OWN this school it’s quite terrifying if you ask me and god forbid don’t bow down and kiss thier feet when you run into them it’s like we’re back in the 50’s this school is highly segregated jesus christ its not even a joke. Boys here however have such awful attitude and treat girls with disrespect also brag about you being a slut if you did them like it’s some sort of accomplishment to hopefully fill up the dark empty void inside of them . I mean let’s be honest here Patriot High School is full of stuck up rich fucks who complain on their spam accounts about how depressed they are and post pics of thier juuls and pot to hopefully satisfy thier need for attention instead of seeking therapy .. highly recommended that for you if I described you.

Welcome to Patriot
Patriot High school ..I can’t put it in a sentence to describe how awful this school is I just can’t ..
by gethelptoday January 08, 2019
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A high school located in Nokesville Virginia, the new school was praised by local teenagers everywhere seeing as the other available high schools were over populated. The white kids located in Stonewall Jackson High School (a gang ridden school filled with hispanics and blacks) and the rednecks up in Brentsville jumped at the opportunity of transferring to Patriot seeing as the new high school has better facilities.

But we all know the truth; they want to go there because it's newer, presumably better, and richer - the perfect haven for the breeding of grubby white children.
"I'm gettin' out of this shit hole. I'm transferring to Patriot Highschool!"

"Dude, shut the fuck up, as if we care..."
by SJRaider March 17, 2011
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