Refers to Patrick Swayze in the 1990 film "Ghost". When you stop talking to someone and ignore all attempts of communication including but not limited to texts, calls, snaps, tweets, smoke signals, etc.
Person 1: so have you talked to Tom lately?
Person 2: Nah, he totally Patrick Swayzed me.
by Cupycaker December 20, 2016
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To continue to smoke and drink through cancer treatment and act like nothing is wrong with you.
Didn't you quit smoking when you were going through chemo?
Honey, I Patrick Swayzed my way through that shit.
by Downtown ECorp September 3, 2009
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the ugly creepy guy from dirty dancing. he made a uncalled for, almost cameo, appearance in dirty dancing 2.

"patrick swayze is the reason i didn't see donnie darko"
by Ethel Hallow May 9, 2006
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When you get off work on monday so you party it up on sunday like i was still saturday.
"Hey Utah, you aint goin' to work tomorrow, so lets via con dios and rage this Patrick Swayze Saturday."
by snaxxx September 17, 2009
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Saying hello from the afterlife

With that flavor fave from the shared moments back in the day
Tony the tiler wrote so many definitions in Urban dictionary. Many used Kat in the definition, some she wrote and let him gleen. He set it up she gets a mug every valentine's day even if he passes first.
Romance all Patrick Swayze like
by Tonythetiler January 16, 2022
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An over grown and unkept man/lady garden.
Mariah had Patrick Swayze's garden growing in her knickers.
by Prisoner24602 December 30, 2010
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An untraditional Christmas song written by Crow T. Robot of the television show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" in 1991. The biggest of geeks sing this song annually.
Joel: "You wrote a Christmas song?"
Crow: "Hey, there's no tradition like a new tradition!"
Tom: "Wait a minute, Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas?"
Crow: "Yeah, yeah, based on my favorite movie, Roadhouse."
by TKFTGuillotine June 23, 2017
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