Oil from a bushy herb of the mint family with small, pale pink-white flowers. Often used by Hippies to cover up the scent of body odor and/or Cannabis use. Celebrity fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich uses the phrase "Patchouli oil" as a derogatory term for people who shop at whole food grocery stores and smell like the oil and willingly overpay to maintain the appearance of moral superiority through conspicuous consumption.
That dude with the man bun who smells like Patchouli oil just came out of that whole foods store with 2 bags, or about $400 worth, of natural snacks that are all terrible for your health.
by Dave The Kayaker October 7, 2017
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Hippie perfume.

An oil worn as perfume by dirty hippies in lieu of showering or bathing in any way. Used to mask the scent of marijuana and week old body odor, but usually it merely mixes with the scent to form a new, BO/Patchouli combo that can repulse even those who are olfactorally challenged, except for hippies, who love it.
Fred: I can't go to the war protest because of all the Patchouli oil. It makes me gag.

Hippie: Mmmmmmm, mm, mmm , mmmm. Is that sex I smell?
by Harry Houdini October 26, 2007
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