A seabag pat down is the half-assed search for little liquor bottles and other contraband that a Sailor may be attempting and easily succeeding at bringing aboard a Navy Vessel. This search is always performed in a lackadaisical manner giving the stuffed seabag a few pats with the hands on the outside, then calling it "searched." Otherwise, with more determination, the contraband might be found, confiscated and therefore never shared with the Sailor on watch who is conducting the seabag pat-down.
Packing my deployment gear took some ingenuity because I had to surround the boxes full of Jack Daniels nips with soft clothing, packed tight. Otherwise, I may not pass the infamous "Seabag Pat Down."
by kdelik January 31, 2014
Also known as pat my sack!
It means that the male wants the female to pat his sack
Tyler wants Abby to say hi to his cousin Pat MaSack!
by Donkey slayer February 14, 2017
A story whose entertainment value and educational merit are, during relation, deceptively exaggerated far beyond their true significance in an attempt to gain social acceptance, usually involving extended family members.
Person 1: This weekend i was out sailing and a 20-25knt southerly was giving us constant wind, just cruising along.... then they said..... then my uncle mentioned that he had....... and as we were pulling up at the pontoon my cousin found a $20 note.
Person 2: Cool story Pat. Now as I was saying..
Person 3: i didnt want to listen to another Pat Story, Id rather watch grass grow.
by the particular Pat January 7, 2010
Pat Crilly is an awsome singer. but hes to shy watch his youtube vids his name on youtube name is funstuffman00 so lets make him famous
girl: did you watch the new pat Crilly video

nother girl: who is he

1st girl: you dont know who he is he is a great singer here look him up
by hugeinhungera May 4, 2012
A character that has a lot of personality and god-like powers.
Hey guys, I seen Pat The P do a football kick!”
by Pat The October 15, 2022
pat fans: someone with a small penis but long hands and substitutes his fingers for his penis to please a woman
Woman 1: “last night was amazing! He had like a 6in dick and it was like it could move on it’s own never getting soft!”

Woman 2: “are you sure he wasn’t just a pat fans?”

Woman 1: “...”
by Galactic Jammer April 23, 2018
A guy so dank, his dankness is so unfathomable it stanks up a room
Damn, did you see that dude at the 360 concert, straight up Pat Sadler!
by jmav2802 April 1, 2022