Sounds pretty innocuous to me. Where are you on that one Jordan? Where is his right to risk offense and if Megyn thinks he should be fired then... Shouldn't you also be fired? It seems like your entire ethos has a built-in 1 way check valve. Just like the leftist! You're the same! You're both exactly the same thing! 'Kettle' meet 'Pot' Amaright!? Ha!
Hym "Past her prime doesn't insult all women. Just the ones who are past their prime... Like the chipmunk. Derogatory rhetoric regarding men like sprem donor. He's a douche but he had a fat cock so you threw yourself at him and so did other women... And now you've been bred. There you go. You like romance NOW but BEFORE you liked fat cock. And now it's too late for that because why would I even bother? With all the whore fucking retards why would I even bother with ANY of them? They are just going to fuck a retard behind my back like those whores did to their boyfriends. What happened to Olivia's middle finger flashing boyfriend? He wasn't in the picture anymore after I wrote how she fucked that cripple. I mean... As far as the people WHO ARE ACTUALLY INVOLVED not COMPLICIT, I bet if we took a vote on whether or not I should hammer a retard or not... I'm pretty sure Yay wins by a landslide. You can't say it's jealousy on their part. They were already fucking the women who fucked the retard. They aren't jealous of him, are they? Ooooooh... They're jealous of his inherent superiority in the eyes of women oooooooh... Ok... Yeah, see... This is why I'm refusing to be sacrificed on the altar of a whore whim. This is why we need the gloryhole brothels."
by Hym Iam February 23, 2023
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