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A type of ugly seen in females who look like they are on an alcohol bender. A female who is party-girl ugly, as the name implies, parties too hard and smokes too much, and thus she looks like she was taken behind a dumpster and gang-banged. Usually the hair looks dry and unhealthy, the eyes look like they have not seen sleep for several days, and the skin looks dehydrated from drinking too much. Additional features may include a beer belly, thunder thighs, a hoarse voice. Tacky clothes and a cigarette pressed between the lips are classic of females that are party-girl ugly. Many attractive sorority girls become party-girl ugly once they hit the age of 21, start going to bars, and forget that they're shelf-life is long overdue.
- Paris Hilton, Chelsy Davy, and all the girls from Jersey Shore are party-girl ugly. They really gross me out!

- Yeah, they need to detox and get their shit together if they ever want to be considered attractive.
by whatitisisis July 20, 2011
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