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PHHS is one of the most oppressive high schools in Parsippany, New Jersey. It is located next to St. Christopher's Church and across from Brooklawn Middle School. PHHS is a high school where the 1st amendment of the constitution was used to wipe Dr. G's butt. You can't speak your mind and your freedom of speach is stripped from you. Its a circular school so you can't get lost but it smells like wet dog and fart everywhere you turn. It is full of potheads, druggies, alcoholics, and sluts. These girls need to be tested on the daily. PHHS is one of the wealthiest schools in Morris County, but is run by an evil dictator.
Dr. G: Talk about the administration one more time and you will be suspended!
Student: But I was just using my freedom of speech.
Dr. G: Freedom of speech and all other constitutional rights are not allowed here atParsippany Hills High School!!
by Complainer February 19, 2012
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A school in which many white and Indians use the n-word and make fun of blacks. A bunch of potheads who do not know better than to smoke in school because of their white privilege. Full of ignorant whites and Indians who continually use homophobic slurs and say the r-word. Most of the honor and AP students cheated to get where they are. Most of the students here think that they are from the ghetto instead they are entitled kids who uncultured and mostly Republicans kids who voted for Trump because oblivious to any actual problems. The school is oppressive without any freedom to wear whatever we want. Most clubs and sports are not based on what you know but who you kiss up to and your privilege. Most of the kids think that rap music is a bunch of rapists and abusers who are not black saying the n-words. In the end, you learn the term privilege hear
Parsippany Hills High School is an oppressive school full of privilege racist whites and Indians.
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by blancobasura December 21, 2018
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Crappy ass high school with teachers who do not wanna teach. Located in Parsippany, New Jersey alongside Brooklawn Middle School and Bangiola's. This high school is full of INDIANS, potheads, sluts, crackheads, and especially vape gods with their juuls. You vaping nig nogs got the bathrooms shut down and bathroom sign ins a thing. Hide your flashdrive before Mr.Ordaway cancels Tennis Practice. Scandalous motherfuckers left and right. School environment is aight but boy does it smell like curry and wet dog. If you don't know Ron where have you been in this school. You've gone to this school when you realize you have done nothing during your time here.
"Yo let me take a hit"
"This shit tastes like curry"
"N**** whatttttt"
"This school is so buns"
"Welcome to phhs"
"I love Parsippany Hills High School"
by YouBop May 30, 2018
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