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One (usually young) urban living, spoilt upper class educated gob shite woman who espouses causes for the furtherance of womenhood that most women would not touch with a barge pole and anyway for whom such causes are academic because they don't have the money to take the benefit of them. Usually to be seen in the Parlours of Westminster, Wandsworth, Islington, Camden, Wimbledon etc... If they ever do get involved with the police, it is to shop the sisterhood in to them when they have had enough of them or when they threaten their cosey political or local authority management sinecure or when they wet their knickers at the site of them on any very infrequent occasion they do go on a protest and need assistance in changing them.
Harriett Harman and Patricia Hewitt. Parlour Feminist
by Austin Tasseltine February 07, 2010
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