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Parkrose High School is a school located in Portland Oregon. The staff of Parkrose has high expectations for the future. While most students only hope to pass. The football team is one of the worst in the state. But has no where to go but up. They get closer every year. The Band has a new director and is turning in a new direction. Their performance is so-so. But is improving all the time. The Dance team is a very skilled performance team. They practice hours and hours and there hard work pays off. The cheerleading squad is not very amusing. They do the same cheers and formations every year. But then again its not the actual cheerleaders faults. The water polo team is something to be proud of. Both genders. And the other sports arn't mentioned in the school gossip. (Take from that what you will) The Theatre has an ok performance over all. Though their crowds are small. Mostly do to the fact that their goal is not to bring in costumers but to teach the kids as much as possible in a fun and understandible way. True many of the students in the school would much rather join PACE then AP classes but there are more then 10-20 smart kids. Parkrose is also known for being a gang school and getto school. There are not that many gangs in the school and Parkrose is far from getto. If you disagree look up the actual meaning and origin of the word getto.
"Hey what high school did you go to?"
"Parkrose High School."
by Opinionated567 January 01, 2010
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A school with a couple truly outstanding classes with amazing teachers that help the life's of there students every day(teachers you know who you are). but besides this the schools staff has a bad reputation of forgetting or pushing aside students because they don't want to put in the effort to truly help them(staff you know who your are)
Im following my dreams can you help me get my GED

come back to parkrose highschool in a week

week later

still no word wait another week

week later

nothing yet come back in one more week

yet another week later...

no we cant help you sorry.
by theseeker378 May 06, 2011
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