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2) A school-turned-corporation that is fast taking over every fucking business in the Lehigh Valley and the "greater Allentown area" of Pennsylvania. Even Peischler's Ice Cream is now called "Parkland Drive-In".

3) A building that has been filled to the brim with arrogant, rich, anorexic, slutty, conceited, pot-smoking individuals who believe they have a future in this world when in fact, most of them do not. And most of them wear preppy clothes, such as Abercrombie or Hollister and consider themselves to be wealthy. These students then harass and pick on the more unique individuals, who complain to the staff, and guess what? Nothing is done about it.

4) Austin Scott, the greatest member of the football team that everyone would rather puke on, graduated from this school after being expelled for a year for drug possession, then re-admitted because the ex-football coach who is now principal of the school wanted him back and needed him to win the State Championships.

5) A school with some of the most painfully inept teachers and staff who don't give a damn about students harassing each other or wearing slutty clothing since Minotti left the building.

6) A prison for every unique and talented individual with a sane mind and a good heart who actually DOES have a future who are usually picked on by the dumbass jocks and sadly, nothing is done about it.

7) A place that can drive one to commit suicide.

8) Most of the people who go to this school have personalities that resemble Veruca Salt from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.
I went to Parkland High School for 3 years and it almost killed me. My mind was almost destroyed by hearing the rich preps complain about their supposedly less-than-adequate life because their daddy's didn't buy them that new BMW they wanted for their birthday.
by Andreas Black May 03, 2006
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Dude 1: Dude that girl let me touch her ass!
Dude 2: NICE your a total fuckboy!!
Dude: you should try it you get a lot of ass (only at parkland high school)
by Imoldgreg July 04, 2015
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Fucking faggots who think they are good because their overcrowed 9,400 strong fuck fest of a school has a couple of good sports teams. Glad their bus depot burned down thou that was p funny. Emmaus gang gang.
Joe:Im from Parkland Highschool and I'm a faggot
by Emmaus1077 May 10, 2018
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