A deeply-rooted "like father, like son" physical/mental disorder that transcends several generations of male offspring; it involves each successive "son" misbehaving sexually just as soon as he gets his driver's license --- i.e., pulling over ("parking") and "getting it on hot 'n' heavy" with any "cute young thing with boobs and a coochie" whom he happens to be dating and/or giving a ride somewhere. And heck --- most likely this lustful procreating is how many of the successive generations of these socially-irresponsible males have kept their DNA-lineage going so well and for so long --- Grampa was probably conceived this way, and then Grampa did the same thing himself when he reached puberty, and then Papa followed suit, and then Son, and...
For as long as I can remember, a majority of the young guys in this town have been "doing da bouncy-bouncy" with girls in their back seats on the lane down by the old fishing-pier... sound like Parkingson's Disease to me!
by QuacksO October 18, 2017
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