to fuck someones armpit from behind while tickling the other one from the front
becky - "eww, you went a little excessive with the deodorant today"

denise - "dammit that's cum, I forgot I gave a Parker last night"

becky - "ooh that sounds nice"
by jiggo swizzle February 08, 2011
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Pain in the ass people who park their carts in the grocery aisle and talk, getting in everyone's way. Especially annoying to employees trying to stock that area.
Damn, I wish those parkers would get out of the way so I can get these potatoes filled.
by kkat:) April 03, 2011
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Usually a pale kid who has blue eyes and dirty blonde flippy hair. They have soft faces and rosey red cheeks. They can get any girl they want but usually fall for short girls with K names. They crush hard. They are very lovable and are cuddly teddy bears. They make the absolute best boyfriend. If you find one, consider yourself lucky af. They are one in a million.
"Damn, Parker is so hot! I wish he was mine."
by superhuman01221 May 31, 2016
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A guy who thinks he is hot when he really is not
Thinks he is a total pimp who can get any girl he wants
Loves small girls especially ones named Julia
Parker is such a fake pimp the only girl he can get is Julia
by Macmacn2461 January 08, 2009
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a super sexy girl that likes to hangout in her basement and play pokemon. she knows all the pokemons name because they once visited her in a dream. she likes to walk around naked because she is not ashamed of her body like all you uptight bitches and hoes. has a huge donk and double ds and a vajayjay made of butter and gold.
man that chick is such a parker
helllll no theres only one parker
by pinktaco3535 February 18, 2011
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