Sexy beast with long flippy hair, he's really hot and has a big dick too.
Guy 1: parker just showed me his dick
Guy 2: that's kinda gay

Parker: (nude) what?
Guy 2: wow!!!
by tredd123456789 November 28, 2013
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Parkers are total flirts, so you can never tell if he's liking you back. Almost always gorgeous, with shaggy-ish red-blonde hair and to-die-for eyes. Parkers usually live in medium-sized towns and are (of course) a year younger that the one who cares for him. Beware of pakers: they have unknown hypnotic powers that pull you in faster than anything!! Also, parker is usually the middle name of a boys named Joseph, but liked their middle name better.
Girl: OMG ur SUCH a Parker!!
Boy: Actually, my first name is Joseph, but whatever.
Girl: oh... Hi PARKER!!!
Boy: *exasperated sigh*
by BananaHannnnnnnnn January 08, 2009
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Parker is a gorgeous girl that is always the life of the party and is known for her great sense of humor. Even though she is very pretty, her charm and wit are the factors that make her irresistible. She is very intelligent and sometimes thinks too hard about some things. It takes a lot for her to fall for someone. She can be kind of different at times, but that just makes her even more loveable. You always know when she is around because she loves to be in the spotlight and has a tendency to talk a lot. You can always count on her and know she will always be honest with you. Consider yourself lucky if you come across a Parker.
Boy 1: Damn, that girl is FINE.

Boy 2: Oh I know, but she's even more than that. She's a Parker.
by A Fucking Vacuum May 22, 2011
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a Christian girl, beautiful and caring. she is very trustworthy and would make a great girlfriend. Parkers are fun and up for anything! She can party or stay home and watch movies. Parkers love cuddling and holding your hand. They like long and close relationships and will stay loyal to her boyfriend! Parkers like really tall guys with brown hair. if you find a girl Parker, it's very rare. keep her!
Guy 1: Dude, did you see that girl, Parker?
Guy 2: Yeah man, she's my girlfriend.
by Jacob8 December 09, 2013
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An amazing person in general. Makes a great boyfriend/girlfriend and always puts others before themselves. They always have a dad joke at the ready and loves sending pick up lines to their crush/ lover. While they can get very angry very fast, it’s not their fault. Parker has had a very traumatic past and has a messed up family life. Also most likely trans and has a great sense of style.
Did you see Parker today with their girlfriend? They both looked so good!
by Cows.arent.sheep October 04, 2018
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He is a funny and cat-loving person that you can count on. He maybe has light blue eyes with light brown hair.
Person 1: OMG! That person is so hilarious!!
Person 2: I know right! He must be a Parker!
by Celine P. June 01, 2017
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