HUNG like a bull/ redneck kinda Arkansas guy. Normal a heftier person but once in bed you will notice he is BIG.
Man Josh Parker has a Huge Dick.
by Random Guy 71 April 07, 2012
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Nicole Parker is to many, myself included, the most talented current MadTV cast member (currently in its 11th season). Nicole has extensive history in improv comedy and clearly uses it in her tv career to portray very realistic and comical characters. Many fans of the show claim that Nicole Parker softened the blow of the loss of a lot of beloved cast members in a relatively short amount of time.

It is also my (professional) opinion that Nicole Parker is the most beautiful female cast member that has ever been a part of MadTV.
Joe: Hey! Who is that beautiful woman interviewing Kathy Griffen at the emmies with that no-talent hack Bobby Lee.
Me: Oh, thats Nicole Parker.
by Skeeter McDougal October 07, 2005
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A scrub basketball player on the L.A. Lakers
"Man did you see the Lakers game last nite?"

"Yea Smush Parker sucks!"
by illest_negro April 12, 2006
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A term for having no pants on.
Completely naked below the waist.
Sarah came out of the shower and had her shirt on already but was still in her parker pants.
by Parker Pants February 16, 2008
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Old time slang for cocaine, a play on the company that used to manufacture cocaine when it was legal Parker and Davis
I stayed up all night with the help of Uncle Parker here.
by Totally Legal Alien April 26, 2017
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An amazing wonderful girl, with great humor. The best most wonderful girl you will meet. She is pretty and will be the greatest girlfriend ever. She is loving and caring.
Wow, Parker Anne is my girlfriend. I can’t belive it!!!
by January 07, 2018
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