1)A.k.a satan incarnate
2)a badass that knows more ways to kill you then any karate master.
3)a medievil weapons master that would make Luke skywalker look like a little baby with light stick.
Dude, Parker just f***** that guy up...
by Memnon May 02, 2005
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a parker is usually very cute, average in height with dirty-blonde flippy hair. He usually dates short brown haired girls and falls hard. A parker is very sweet and trusting, but constantly will try to push you for what he wants. HE IS THE BEST KISSER EVER! and has a good sized penis.
girl: wow i've never been kissed so hot in my life!
girl2: by who??
Girl: oh it was a parker
by bjqueen12 September 05, 2011
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Absolutely awesome friends, always supportive, clumsy, funny, athletic, and always a guy that will have your back
Parker is awesome.
by pseudonym#@$%1\ February 06, 2017
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A mountain man. a very good looking dude. super sweet and nice. he may stare at you and seem to be in love with you; but you may never know. awesome in every way. very athletic such as rock climbing, skiing, speedflying, surfing, hunting, etc. ....but he never sticks around to tell you his real feelings if they were ever there?
parker is gone? is parker a chicken at heart? man or mouse?
by namemyname May 19, 2020
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Parkers are chill dudes, love to keep up with sports, are really athletic, and are awesome boyfriends! Parkers will make you laugh forever and ever! If a parker likes someone, he will probably try and do whatever he can to get in real close with her. But, when he does, it works out well for both people! The girl will receive one cool boyfriend! Parkers will deal with any problems, and will fix any mistakes. Parkers may come with a few flaws but if you let them know, they will fix it. But above all, Parker's care a lot about their friends and will always look out for them. Ladies, if you meet a parker, don't let him go! He will stick around for a while, and will be worth every second of your time! You will definitely want to get real close with him, and do all sorts of romantic things, which you both will enjoy! Parkers will always have a big dream in mind, and will always try and get there. He always gets annoyed when someone says something bad about themselves, it's in a Parker's nature to be real friendly and supportive! When a girl dates a parker, he will be there every small stop on the way! He's a once-in-a-lifetime guy! Never let one go! To all the hot ladies out there, hit up a parkers phone right now!
"Hey have you met parker yet?" "Yea he's really cool, funny, and real romantic sn't he?!"
by Dat_one_cool_kid March 08, 2018
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a lady's man/ sexy beast, who can get any chick he wants. i wish he would go after me but he won't and his dick is huge
i saw parker last night with 20 chicks
by jmoser December 20, 2008
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Parker's are so sweet! With a unique name like Parker there is no way he can go unnoticed. Usually brown flippy hair with brown eyes. He's passionate and respectful. Parker's are shy but give him a chance and once he's comfortable you won't be able to leave his side. He will always make you laugh and smile, don't miss an opportunity with a Parker.
Girl 1: I think I like this guy, he's so cute, hilarious and yet respectful.
Girl 2: oh he must be a Parker
Girl 1: OMG how did you know ?!?
by Shanelle3452 March 17, 2013
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