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A suburb in Colorado, approximately 30 minutes SE of Denver. Parker is a very white town, with whites comprising almost 93% of total population. Most of the people in Parker are either retired white folk (who live in rich neighborhoods such as Stonegate and Clarke Farmes), working class adults in their 20's and 30's without families, and the stereotypical white families who appear on Christmas cards each year. There are 3 public high schools in Parker. Chaparral is primarily the white kids who are sub-par at sports but throw the best parties, typically ones with more alcohol than one could imagine, hot girls, and plenty of drugs. Legend is the second high school in Parker, and the only school in the town with a half-decent reputation in regards to sports, specifically baseball and basketball. Ponderosa is the last high school in the town, and undoubtedly the least notable. Not much goes on there besides drugs and bad grades. Aside from partying, Parker doesn't have anything fun to do besides twiddle your thumbs, go to Sonic, and street race
Ryan: "Hey dude you down to chill tonight?"
Me: "yeah dude, where? my house?"
Ryan: "Dude you live in Parker, CO ...wth?"
by yaboi37 July 03, 2017
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