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Parker is the “it” girl everyone wants to be or be with. Although Parker seems like she would be rude, she is actually the sweetest girl out there with a big personality. Parker knows how to make the whole room laugh. A Parker can get any guy she wants due to her ridiculous looks and her crazy good flirting skills. Parkers, however, find themselves enjoying smaller things like going to a movie or just chilling at home. A Parker will surround herself with good and positive people only. If you have a Parker in your life, you will find yourself constantly laughing and smiling around her.
Guy 1: Damn did you see Parker tonight?
Girl 1: Yeah she is beautiful I want to be her!

Parker girl- A genuine, loving, and supportive person you would be extremely lucky to have in your life.
by just some city kid July 09, 2018
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One-of-a-kind, intelligent, witty, classy, and stylish a parker girl can pull any guy including professional athletes and heirs. They are ridiculously gorgeous and the center of all parties, one should consider themselves very lucky if they ever get a chance with a parker girl.
Dude I hooked up with a parker girl last night, I pray to God she calls me back.
by pcs2009 April 25, 2008
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