Looks like an ugly version of Big Bird. Will depart from this world without ever leaving anything worthwhile behind. Will never be remembered for a damn thing unless she evolves into human being. Obviously has no respect for her family or the family name. Although, I did hear that they were not paying their employees enough to live on. I guess she comes from a family of pigs after all.
Paris Hilton is a creature that it on this planet just to take up space. Useless life form.
by Doozy December 14, 2006
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There are two kinds of Paris Hiltons.
One looks vacant but it has had lots of people stay for a short while inside. There is probably some guy waiting outside to welcome people in, and you might hear the sounds of chatter coming from inside but it doesn't make any sense. It was only after people realized that it had a famous name, together with a half-assed reconstruction job on its outside that it began to be noticed. But mostly it is known because it welcomes anybody through its main entrance, and if you know the way around you can also get in through the back door.

The other one is a hotel in France.
I stayed in Paris Hilton one night but the whole place stank.

Poor you. Why not choose the hotel in France?

No, it's not a hotel. It's a flop house. And where's France?
by twistedblister December 08, 2010
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plastic air-head, pointy nosed bitch
Paris Hilton is such a role model (sarcastic) I suggest all the young girls that look up to her watch a night in paris than see how they feel
by jersey kid February 08, 2008
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a skanky bitch who gets nothing when her 'rents die.
Person 1: hey does Paris Hilton get anything when her parents die?
Person 2: No, her sister gets it all.
by Vuffy May 07, 2007
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The person who was let in the prison for a traffic violation.
The celebrity who attracts attention for some reason.
Do not traffic violate it like Paris Hilton.
by makoto0631 June 26, 2007
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