1. City in France; known for smelly people speaking a foreign language. 2. Skank-ass ho/heiress.
Damn! Paris shit herself in my Escalade again last night, dog. That ho can't handle her OE, G.
by Chuck D. November 10, 2003
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Verb (Patterned after Paris Hilton and the exposure of her sex tape)
To record- by video or still photos- sex acts <i.e.-shooting homemade porno> and either publish them on the internet or just keep them private.
Guy 1: What happened with Amy? She has nothing nice to say about you.
Guy 2: Its not my concern. She's crazy. She can feel however she wants to.
Guy 1: What did you do, man?
Guy 2: No, its reversed! Its what she WOULDN'T do!
Guy 1: Tell me.
Guy 2: Two nights back we were at my place. She starts sucking my dick.
Guy1: Yeah?
Guy2: So while she's blowing me I reach up and get the camcorder. I was going to paris her.
Guy 1: What, is she camera shy?
Guy 2 : Hell, I guess! She started to freak the fuck out and wouldn't even keep going when I put the video cam way. Uptight bitch.
Guy 1: Guess she was scared of becoming internet famous!
Guy 2: I guess!
by unslick rick April 04, 2005
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Paris; a beautiful name with an ugly personality. Paris is sometimes nice, but then she can go crazy and do death threats on Instagram
Oh my gosh! That girl is so paris!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1! (lmfao)
by Gayformaddie July 26, 2016
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Although a beautiful city for sure, Paris is still one of the biggest tourist traps in Europe along with London. It takes advantage of its well known name and image to rip off clueless tourists, especially Americans.
Compared to Paris, there are tons of more beatiful cities to visit in Europe with a lot more to see for a lot less money.
by modak May 12, 2008
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A girl who adds balsamic vinegar to everything. she only wears purple and has a horn. She enjoys feeding her plants menstral blood. And balsamic vinegar.
Lindsay: is that balsamic vinegar?
Pari: no it's menstral blood
Lindsay: oh.
by theembassyLK November 07, 2010
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