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When the general public misunderstands how you (a paramedic) interact with the general public, or when a paramedic is socially misunderstood. There are many applicable situations to paramedic apathy, though it is mostly a lack of perspective from the general public, not actual apathy from the people who you call on to save your life.

When for the 10,000th time some jackass at a party asks you to tell them the gnarliest thing you have ever seen, And you inarticulately tell a lame story about a guy who was shot in the head but was still talking. Since they can't relate, and at some point you smile, you have inadvertently performed paramedic apathy.

Demanding lunch before the next call, while still joking about the corpse you just determined dead in a pool of semen, is Paramedic apathy.
Terry... I wish his dog lived, cuz that guy was a dick to us. Dogs are way better than people.

Danno... That is just the Paramedic apathy coming through. Now let's go eat chicken cuz it's Tuesday!
by VICERN January 21, 2014
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