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When paparazzi and the media selectively use negative photos and/or stories of celebrities in an effort to manipulate public opinion of that celebrity.
Lisa: Oh my god, can you believe that Papp Smear of Jennifer Love Hewitt when she was on vacation in Hawaii?

Allison: Ooh, that’s gross!

Lisa: No, I mean the photos that showed supposedly how fat her butt was, when she’s really a size 2?

Allison: Oh yeah. That was pretty obnoxious of the paparazzi and TMZ, but typical.
by Mrstz October 11, 2010
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People Against Planned Parenthood (PAPP) Smear campaign. A 2011 smear campaign sponsored by Senator Jon Kyl and Representative Michele Bachmann in which participants make up information or misquote others with the intention of harming the image of Planned Parenthood.
1. Michele Bachmann is really excited about her PAPP Smear.
2. ...So is Jon Kyl.
by SenJonKyl #ni2bafs April 13, 2011
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