Panty-fucking is a type of non-penetrative sexual activity, in which a male guides his penis in a sliding up and down motion in the middle of a partner's natal cleft, or more commonly the butt crack, on top of the panties. To optain optimal results, this act should be performed with penis as dry as possible for a smooth and frictionless slide across the panties. Style, shape, and material of the panty are all important. The panties should be of the full-back varity, bikini is best, although briefs serve the purpose aswell. Thongs and g-string panties are all but useless for the purpose of panty-fucking, due to the lack of surface area. Lace panties are out as well because of their rough surface. As for material, cotton will suffice, however the material of the panties should be something glossy, e.g silk, nylon, lycra or polyester, although satin , without exception, is the choisest material. Being sleek, shiny and polished, satin is unrivaled. The color of the panties is up to either one's own desire or the opportunity that one is presented with by serendipity.
Panty-fucking is the more sensual sister version of what is commonly known as outercourse, dry sex, or dry humping.
by jackknifed October 26, 2009
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