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A visible damp patch in the gusset of a woman’s panties or swimsuit, caused by the release of vaginal and vulval lubrication from the Bartholin Glands as a consequence of sexual arousal.
“Did you and Harry have a good time last night?”

“Oh Kate - we came back to the cottage after the party and he started to undress me on the couch - I was so embarrassed because he saw I had a real pantie island and I thought he might be grossed out - but he was sweet and asked if he could keep them in his uniform pocket for the Trooping of the Colour!”

“Oh Meghan - what if his grandmother wants to borrow his handkerchief to blow her nose?’l

“Catherine, please don’t say that. You are referring to Her Majesty the Queen.
by Katie4eyes June 22, 2018
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