Someone who experiences sexual and/or romantic attraction to all gender identities and sexes. In other words, pansexual people see gender ID and sex as simply characteristics, rather than a defining factor in whether or not they are attracted to somebody.

Not to be confused with bisexuality (attraction to two gender identities/sexes) or polysexuality (attraction to some but not all genders/sexes).
Because Pamela could easily see herself being attracted to and having a long-term relationship with anybody, regardless of gender or sex, she decided to identify as pansexual.
by CreativeBlue89 June 22, 2015
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A person that will fuck anything that walks on two legs.
Hey did you see that Pansexual Christina Ayad?

Yeah, i heard she has another girlfriend to fuck around with
by FreestyleBounce November 27, 2011
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1.)The Hipster bisexual.

Because being "bi" is SOOO high school conformist.
Somehow me being pansexual means that I am less affected by society, and that I am more open and accepting than a bisexual... I think.
by Freaky Fish Guy December 27, 2010
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pansexuality is a sexual orientation characterized by the attraction ( romantic or sexual ) to anyone without caring about their gender. this includes people who do not fit into the gender binary of male/female.
i am pansexual. i can be attracted to people of any gender.
by creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep August 21, 2015
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Caring about what's between the eyes, not what's between the thighs.
'You don't have to be pansexual in order to see past gender.'
by PansexCure April 09, 2010
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A pansexual individual is someone who experiences sexual attractions to people regardless of gender identity, in practice this is very similar to bisexuality.

Pansexuality differs with bisexuality in that most people who identify as pansexual are attracted to people in trans and nonbinary communities. This doesn't mean that some bisexuals aren't (many actually are and use pansexual and bisexual interchangebly) however some bisexuals are attracted to be only cis gender males and females.

In practice bisexualty and pansexuality overlap

In practice pansexuality may also vary in that it includes more than two genders but not all (despite its prefix meaning all). For instance, because of its inclusion of nonbinary and transgender individuals some people who are exclusively attracted to nonbinary and trans people may still identify as pansexual despite the fact they are not attracted to cis people. This contradiction exists because it is impossible to label every variation in human sexuality. The best way to know is to ask. Pansexuals like bisexuals can also have preferences.

Also while pansexual is defined as a sexual attraction, colloquially people use it to include romantic attractions as well. Its often times used to mean panromantic, while this is incorrect, the concept of romantic orientation is not as widely known as sexual orientation and most use it out of convience or out of genuine ignorance, there is a difference.
Girl 1: I thought you were a lesbian why are you sleeping a trans guy?
Girl 2: I'm pansexual, im sexually attracted to multiple genders!
by Plute January 19, 2016
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Don't get it confused with Omnisexual. Pansexual people are gender-blind. What's gender-blind? It's where you don't care what gender someone is and you'll still date them. People use Pansexual more often then Omnisexual. I've seen tons of people say that they're Pansexual and like every gender but they're actually Omnisexual.
Person 1: I'm Pansexual!
Person 2: Nice, I'm Bisexual!
by Otaku♥ March 08, 2020
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