Pansexual: a person who is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. All genders,and Sexes. All Cisgender people and All Transgender people.

(Cis and Trans)Male
(Cis and Trans)Female

Pansexual people are commonly confused with Bisexual people. However, they are not the same, Because Bisexual people are only attracted to the Same Sex, or Opposite Sex.
Alec is a Pansexual meaning they are attracted to Jessie who identifies as Agender.
by Alec_Axe16 April 10, 2017
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A person who dates guys, girls, and people in between.
I like /people/--gender issues need not apply.
by Jagged February 24, 2005
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pansexual can mean different meanings!
one pansexual meaning is not caring about there gender, i.e being gender blind (unlike polysexual) pansexual can also mean liking someone who is not a girl or a boy, meaning they have a sexual or romantic attraction to gender fluid, gender queer, trans or any other non girl or boy form, where as the common miss conception the pansexual is basically bisexual, pansexuals don't care about there gender, that does not mean that bisexuals wont date anyone off none girl or boy, which is another miss conception :)
pansexual is NOT basically bisexual!
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by Pan person ๐Ÿฅฐ July 05, 2019
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Basically, your sexual preference is just "Yes."

Doesn't matter the gender or sexuality. You'll take it all.
(Go hard or go home, right? lol)
"About Me: 16 year old girl. Curious about my sexuality, so I'm Pansexual. Wanna bang, HMU!"
by Mr_McGuire September 19, 2011
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pansexual, adj.
A person who has the capacity to be sexually and/or romantically attracted to people of all genders.

Just like anyone else, pansexual people do not want to have sex with everyone they meet. They also aren't attracted to pans. Pansexual is not a fetish, nor a term for a "special snowflake".
Tom: If you're attracted to any gender, what's your sexuality?
Alex: Pansexual.
by averyodddog July 01, 2015
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It is to "bisexual" what "vegan" is to "vegetarian."

Basically what a bisexual person calls themselves in order to sound like the greatest, most super-tolerant person ever. A bisexual individual is perfectly capable of being attracted to whomever they wish, but a bisexual who calls themselves pansexual believes that it takes one more step and yet another meaningless derivative with which they can slap judgment upon anyone who doesn't understand the difference.

It does NOT actually mean what the etymology implies ("pan" means "all" or "everything"), because if it did, then pansexuality would include bestiality, pedophilia, necrophila, and every other -iality and -philia known and unknown to humanity.
Bob: "So Mary, I hear you've had both a boyfriend and a girlfriend before. Are you bisexual?"

Mary: "*tsk* No, I'm PANsexual. I love ALL kinds of people, no matter what their gender preference."

Bob: "...but I thought gender preference had nothing to do with which gender you are..."

by D Mo Drummer October 23, 2012
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Someone who loves someone regardless of gender, race, etc. Contrary to popular belief, Pansexuality does NOT include having sex with animals.
Person 1 - I'm Pansexual.
Person 2 - Ewww, so you fuck dogs?!
Person 2 - No. Pansexuality doesn't involve beastiality at all.
by I am Nameless. March 26, 2010
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