Pansexual IS NOT polysexual or bisexual. Those are completely separate sexualties and shall not be called the same because although they may be similar, they are not the same.
Pansexual is the attraction to someone regardless of what's below the belt (sex and gender). They will not date ANYONE, a common misconception in the community. They just do not mind what the person identifies as.

As I repeat, they do not just date ANYONE. They do not find every person they see instantly attractive. They just do not mind whatever gender their crush/infatuation identies as, or what sexual organ/organs they possess.
Isn't bisexuality the same thing as pansexuality?
No, bisexuality and pansexuality are two completely different terms.
by TawnyZem January 03, 2017
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People who are pansexual often define themselves as "gender blind" meaning that they can love a person regardless of gender identity. Pansexuals aren't into bestiality. Pansexuals aren't attracted to pans. Pansexuals aren't confused bisexuals. Pansexuals aren't people who seeks attention.
Being pansexual just means that you love people. Pansexuals are usually just filled with love and happiness.
by Steve5214 April 04, 2016
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Basically, being attracted to not just two sexes like bisexual implies. They're attracted to ALL genders. This means the pansexual person is attracted to, or can be attracted to, males, females, intersexes, pangenders, androgynes, agenders, genderqueers, bigenders and many more.
1: Are you bisexual?
2: No, I'm pansexual. I like all genders, not just two like "bi"sexual implies. Because pan means all.
by Aderrmm August 24, 2006
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A pansexual is someone who isn't influenced by the binaries and labels surrounding gender and sexuality. This can mean attraction to anyone regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Some pansexuals take it a step further to be openly against those labels and definitions, considering them to be destructive and alienating.
During their date he was relieved to find out she was pansexual, and that sharing his transgendered status wouldn't be the hassle it often was with other people.
by frickinmuck February 16, 2008
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Because being 'Bi' sexual is too mainstream.
Bob: I'm Gay
Tim: I'm bi-sexual
Jeffery: I'm pansexual
Tim: You like to have sex with pans?
Jeffery: Fuck off you mainstream cunt.
by Hi I like powdered donuts. November 13, 2011
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Though frequently defined as being a sexual orientation that accepts male, female, and anything else, pansexuality doesn't merely transcend typical gender binaries, but also refers to potential for love or attraction.
One knows if he or she is pansexual if one does not entirely regard gender, race, creed, etc.
Pansexuality is attraction on a more spiritual level, one might say, and focuses on who the target of affection is, rather than "what," as do other sexualities.
That being said, pansexuality and physical attraction--or a compulsion toward one sex more than the other--are not mutually exclusive; a pansexual can be attracted to someone physically and can have gender preferences for these attractions, just as those more concerned with physical attributes and/or genders often will additionally regard spiritual or personal attributes of potential lovers.
In summary, pansexuality is love for a person simply for who he or she is, with little to no concern for what he or she is.
Though Henry knew and recognized different genders, he didn't usually regard them in a romantic sense, since he was pansexual.

Pansexual - Pan (all) + sexual; possible misnomer
by You've seen this name before. February 28, 2009
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