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A vagine that has been repetadley used over and over again and is left mushy, loose, similar to a pancake in texture and reeking of fish.
Wow, look at Jenna Jameson. She's been in so many pornos, she must have a Pancake Pussy
by ColintheMan June 09, 2009
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When you take a stack of pancakes and dump a shitload of maple syrup on them and then fist fuck the shit out of the pancakes and then put two pieces of bacon in between two pancakes and look at them from the side. They resemble a beat to fucking shit pussy. That is a pancake pussy motherfucker . Dont ever eat it. Mostly found on cougar ages 40-65 or that how that gets bangs by your boy every night.
I rather go to sharis and get the endless pancakes and pour a shit ton of syrup on them, and then beat the fuck out of them with my fist. And then take them home in a to go box and eat those pancakes then eat some drunk sluts pancake pussy.
by JOE JUSTIN AND DON August 19, 2017
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