An oily substance which has been demanded by humans since the mid-1980s, and officially produced in Borneo, Indonesia. RAINFORESTS are being CUT DOWN because of this substance, killing trees and creatures in the way. This includes orangutans. But the main effect it has on is CLIMATE CHANGE! Palm oil is found in Cosmetics (Shampoo, soap) and food(chocolate, instant noodles).

PLS TRY to avoid PALM OIL!
"Orangutans are dying because of palm oil"
by Hesus Believer 🦆 May 29, 2019
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A shitty oil that destroys the rainforest and kills orangutangs. It is used in things like Oreo's.

Alex: "Look, there is palm oil in this crab!"
Me: "Shiid bro, yeet it away!!!"
by Faze_CDK April 24, 2019
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Fucking Dave, that fuckin' Palm Oil Daddy is broker than her Corn Syrup Daddy and still knocking on her panties.
by saavy chimp October 19, 2021
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Callum parnaby is one that they would call, a hider. He knows he likes male testicles but wont admit it himself. His google search history definitely says men groping eachother.
“yo did you hear callum palm oil came out the closet?”
oh yh it was expected”
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