A large Mall in west Nyack rockland. Nickname as the "New Mall", in comparison to the "Old Mall" located in Nanuet. Four floors, constanly shaking, because it's too big for it's own good, and built in a literal dump.
"Let's go the Old Mall, I'm sick of the New Mall."

"There's only one Starbucks in the Palisades Mall?"
by Arex-kun December 25, 2004
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One of the best, hidden neighborhoods in the country. Located in the heart of Pacific Palisades, this small area rivals Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, the Riviera, Bel Air, etc. Actually, it's better than all those over-advertised housing areas.
Has its own elite dog park- the owners will actually kick you out if you aren't a resident.
Victoria and David Beckham looked into living there- fortunately they went the mainstream direction.
Houses all include pools, tennis courts, guest houses, fountains, ocean views, three-car garages (with the range rover and mercedes parked).
Prices are 2 million through 10 million.
"Have you heard about Karen and Mark's new house?"

"Oh, they finally bought that 5mil one in Beverly Hills?"

"No, the children wanted to attend St. Matthews, so they bought Adam Sandler's old 6mil house in the Huntington Palisades."

"How sweet! That's walking distance from Baskin Robbins."
by localllllllll November 26, 2007
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All these definitions are shit probably written by tourists or the old hogs of the palisades. Do you want to have a look at the real palisades?
Whoever said the palisades patrol is always on top of everything? Oh ya sure kids will be walking around at FOUR in the morning and they will rarely do shitt about it. It's a waste of money and its not like we even need them.
Village green is also known for as stoner island, where kids do various drugs including weed.
The teenagers have various spots where they smoke weed and hide their alcohol.
The town is infested with small children thinking they are so cool for walking into town after school, old grandmas shopping at the market, soccer moms barreling through the rodes in their giant SUVS, teenagers skateboarding and hanging out at starbucks, mobile mart, or CVS and people having sex in the starbucks bathrooms.
Overall the palisades is quite a nice town with nice resteraunts and houses. But the teenagers deffinatley have their secret ways.
Pacific Palisades Teenager 1:Lets go smoke some weed tonight.

Pacific Palisades Teenager 2: sounds good. usual at the bluffs?

Teenager 1: Ya i hid some of my vodka in my neighbors bushes let's get that too.

Teenager 2: Great ill go call a few ppl.
by Future_MILF July 29, 2008
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The act of having a woman sit on your face and a woman on your penis, as if forming a palisade.
That form... That can only be The King's Palisade. Such grace!
by TheTrueKingofWomen93 August 19, 2015
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Pacific Palisades, or "Pali," is a small town, hidden between Santa Monica, Malibu and Brentwood. A television show was made based on the town, although it did not resemble the town whatsoever. Most youth residents raised there learn to surf from age 7 and attend private schools such as the Palisades Village School. Dress code is prodimantly beach preppy wear dominated by designers LaCoste, Tretorns and Ralph Lauren. Many residents are Jewish and connected to the entertainment industry, and the few minorities are of Asian decent. Will Rogers's name is every where, and the Paul Getty Museum is the pride of Pali. Homes are expensive and zoning limits multiple dwelling. The town is much like New Canaan, CT transplated surfside on the westcoast. Neighboring Brentwood would be equivalent to Greenwich, CT.
Her best memories of Pacific Palisades included: senior day at Pali High to go surf with the kids from Samo (Santa Monica High School), lunches at Mort's, ice cream at Baskin Robbins, shopping at Gelson's for fruit, buying surfboards from Maui & Son's, and shopping on Montana Avenue.
by Libby Harris June 13, 2007
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A small suburb next to Santa Monica, California. The worst possible place to live as a teen. Lots of undercover drug and alcohol use. Filled with snobby celebrities and small children who usually attend private school. No night life.
person 1: hey where do you live?
person 2: pacific palisades
person 1: so your like rich?
by supajew97 March 08, 2011
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Place on the western side of Los Angeles, where a bunch of rich, snobby white people live. It has a lame security service called "Palisades Patrol." Residents are often conservative republicans and don't know that anything east of Sepulveda even exists. There is nothing to do there.
"I think Pacific Palisades is boring."

"So do I."

"Yeah, me three."
by surrealfx August 01, 2005
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