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A drink that is guaranteed either a duey, loss of self control, embarassment, alcohol poisoning, and or death. As opposed to regular Jungle Juice served out of a large styrofoam container, this drink too is out of a styrofoam container but will get u twice as destroyed as Jungle Juice. Follow the steps to make a White Russian except switch out the Vodka for Everclear and add cream till taste is smooth. Continue until container is full enough to make a minimum of at least four girls and two guys pass out. Douse entire mixture with Amaretto to taste. Don a Michael Myers mask, Scream mask or some other ghastly mask and mix with large ladle laughing like a maniac daring anyone to drink it at the party. Hilarity ensues
-What the hell is he doing over there?

-I don't know. Why the hell is he laughing like that and wearing that damn Scream mask?

-Emily's going over there.

-He's pourin her a drink. What the hell is that stuff?!

-He said he was making some stupid ass drink called Pale RiiiiiiiiiGod f'ing damn!!!! She just f'ing passed out!!! Go get her!!

(Deranged laughter in background)

( Pale Rider's Wrath strikes again bitch bahahahaha!!!)

-I'm calling the cops.
by slicstaviczta October 25, 2007
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A Drink considered by some to be the king of all drinks. Created over 1.25 billion years ago by satin in a plot to distract GOD and steal the throne of heaven,the devil made the first Pale Riders Wrath. During the war for all creation, the drink was spilled in to a black hole and the recipe was banished to a place what would one day be called Philadelphia, in hopes that it would never be found. The Drink was discovered in the year 1776 by two bartenders working near Independence Hall. Using the recipe penned in blood the two men recreated the Pale Riders Wrath and served it to the Second Continental Congress, who would send along with the Declaration of Independence, a dirty letter to the queen written by a very drunk and horny Ben Franklin, witch is what really started the Revolutionary War.
Ben Franklin to Thomas Jefferson," Just mail it, come on, it will be so dam funny.

Thomas Jefferson to Ben Franklin, Taking a swig of the Pale Riders Wrath " yea, OK,..... who are you?......., never mind, yea I'll send it, but I'm adding a picture of my pecker for the lulz!

One year latter,
Thomas Jefferson to Ben Franklin, I thought we sent a nice letter, King George sends an Army, Why?

Ben Franklin to Thomas Jefferson, " we sent a letter?........... Dam you Pale Rider's Wrath!!!!!!!!!!!!
by JBall The Destroyer January 02, 2010
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