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#1-is another word that describes a filipino.

#2-This word derives from their language because it sounds just as martian as tagalog.

#3-It can also be used as a substitute for fuck in tagalog.
#1-"Hey what nationality is that chick." chad
"Shes a palangat" chris
"oh i see now" chad

#2-Lady rambles off in tagalog out in the distance.
"What ugly ass language is that" chad
"Dude i already told you, its that palangat shit" chris
"Damn thats nasty" chad

#3-"Palangat mo" some angry lola
"what the fuck did she say" chad
"Palangat mo, uhh, yeah i remember it means fuck you. I think she is mad cause you knocked up her daughter." chris
"oh shit palangat me." chad

by Palangatmo October 04, 2008
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