A poor rip-off of overwatch that is actually really fun to play and it's free...except there's microtransactions when it's still in beta
did u hear about that new game, paladins
ye, but i already have overwatch and they're pretty much the same thing!
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by Blyfoot April 09, 2017
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A tanking class in the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Final Fantasy 11. We, the Paladins, strive to keep hate towards us and not a mage or any other low def. class. We are warriors who have gone further and have taken on the white magical abilities. We are strong and nearly imposable to beat. Our only weakness, is magic. We have a high physical defense. Our 2-hour Special Ability (known for taking 2 hours to regain that ability) is invincablity. We cover the mages when they get alot of hate generated towards them; example below.
<Black Mage> <Paladin> <Enemy>
Balck mage = Kegan
Paladin = Victorius
Enemy = Orcish Champion
Kegan starts casting Quake on Orcish Champion.
Kegan casts Quake on Orcish Champion.
Orcish Champion takes 938 damage!
-Orcish Champion turns to Kegan-
Victorus uses cover!
-Victorius gets between Kegan and the Orcish Champion-
Cover! Victorius takes 78 damage!
instead of
-Orcish Champion turns to kegan-
-Kegan has 789 Hit Points while Victorius has 1,269-
-Orcish Champion hits Kegan for 597 damage!-
-Orcish Champion hits Kegan for 631 damage!-
-Kegan falls to the ground- (Implying he just got ass raped)
-Off subject-
-Orcish Champion turns to Katsukaru-
-Orcish Champion hits Katsukaru for 297 damage!-
-Ebony casts Cure III-
-Katsukaru recovers 190 Hit Points-
-Orcish Champion hits Katsukaru for 345 damage!-
-Katsukaru uses Tachi: Gekko- (Not to be confused with Tachi: Geiko)
-Orcish Champion take 168 damage!-
-Orcish Champion criticle hits Katsukaru for 538 damage!-
-Katsukaru falls to the ground- (dead, if you didn't figure that out already)
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1)A class in World of Warcraft that has been extremely screwed by a company called blizzard.

2)Myth: Creature supposed to kill shaman in World of Warcraft.

3)A term for something bad.
1)Calibur on Archimonde is a Paladin.

2)That Paladin got owned by that Shaman.

3)You're a Paladin! Noob...
by Calibur August 02, 2005
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A term used to describe a very un-urbanized black person
As the Paladin walked down the street, listening to his Rap music and acting "gangsta", i asked myself why black people were still in America?
by Smoogle April 17, 2008
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A tutorial hero in the app Wayward Souls. As of now, he is exclusive oo the tutorial. Swiping upwards unleashes a blast of blue-white light, a fireball, if you will. Swiping downwards unleashes a medium range forcefield that knocks enemies back and stuns them. His main weapon is the Drained Sunblade. The upgrades for said weapon is the Solar Sceptre, and the DawnFury. He functions very similarly to the Warrior, who is a popular choice for new players.
The Paladin falls.
by Khonsu_555 February 01, 2017
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A class in the game warlords that needs no fucking skill
Guy 1: How do you play paladin?
Guy 2 : Just hold right click
by pal main September 24, 2017
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