an outdoor drinking related puking session, usually occurring while walking from party to party.
I drank so much last night that I ended up painting the town everywhere on our way home.
by n-isfor-knowledge November 23, 2009
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(verb) To appear at a number of different parties or venues during a given a night. To travel from party to party throughout a neighborhood or city.
First I'm going to start drinking at Kristy's place. Then I'm going to head to the house party on Wilford. I think I'll probably end up at Mike's party too. I'm going to paint the town!
by B-Legit159 November 26, 2008
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to have a good time.
to go all over the town
to paint it with your body heat.
"hey becca i have to go paint the town"
"oh, thats cool i guess...?!"
by becca and amanda November 15, 2007
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John is getting ridiculously drunk at someone's house.
Hey are we going to paint the town tonight?

OMG! I hope John paints the town at my place. He's so hot!!
by BigDickDaddy69 December 4, 2015
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The act of defecation.

Also referred to as free james brown, or raise a stink.

Feels good man.

This is also a way to describe what happens when the band 311 goes on tour, due the the extremely shitty nature of their so-called 'music'.
After a massive Tex-Mex dinner at El Cheko's, we slept hard all night. The next morning we funneled a gallon of hot strong coffee, after which it was time to paint the town brown.
by Lârry Dângüs, esq. November 3, 2010
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To engage in a wild spree.

Origin: The alussion is to the kind of riotous behavior that results in red blood being spilt.
K: I'm pissed. Wanna go paint the town red tonight?
J: Let's do it.
by Kaileyxx July 9, 2005
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Noun; An absurdly filthy shit that mars the porcelain of a toilet bowl even after numerous flushes. This otherworldly stain usually appears in brown, but on occasion can have a cosmic quality of translucence. One who does the painting of the town in brown is often omnipotent in the realm of filthiness

"Yo, what the fuck? When Harper was in the bathroom he must have been painting the town brown. I threw up roast beef all over myself just looking at how bad he rocked the bowl."
by Jon Beech August 30, 2006
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