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A common euphemism a girl may use for the act of fingering herself. Similarly, "painting her nails red" can sometimes refer to a girl fingering said cooter whilst she is menstruating.
guy #1: "So what's Sally up to tonight? Is she gonna chill with us?"
guy #2: "She said she's just staying in and painting her nails tonight. How fuckin' boring is that."
guy #1: "This is like the 3rd time this week she's blown us off to paint her nails, how many times does one person need to paint their nails?"
by leviticustard May 15, 2011
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Used to describe the 'job' of a woman who leaves all the breadwinning to her partner, so instead has 'occupation' of sitting home and enjoying the comfort of doing nothing. The term derives from what women apparently love doing best as their pastime.
"He goes out and works his butt off while she sits at home, painting her nails"
by Devil Jones March 04, 2008
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