A really nice girl who sorts out fights with friends, all the guys like her but she wont admit is, beautiful big blue eyes and blonde hair really sweet and kind:)
doesnt paige look beautiful tonight? any guy would be lucky to have her<3
by etrfyhuhdjksm April 05, 2011
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An amazing girl and an even better girlfriend. She's super cute and amazing and fun to be around. She also has a rockin' body and a great personality.
"Hey, that girl over there is so Paige"
by JJ the ree ree cuddle bug February 08, 2010
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A Paige is a girl who makes a boy smile , cry and happy
a paige can be the key to life she can make you smile like no other , shes an angel from above literally !
Boy 1: Yo whats so special about paige

Boy 2: look it up on urban dictionary

Boy 2: Ooooooh okay !
by DannyBooy January 26, 2010
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A very sweet girl who would kill for her friends. She is loyal and never fails to impress ; despite this she has very low self esteem and sometimes relies on others for comfort. She is also very clumsy and unmotivated, known to get distracted easily and procrastinate. Overall though, she is super funny and will love you to the end.
Boy: Hey, look at that girl, she's such a Paige!

Best friend: that's right, she's my paige!
by nyoomi February 20, 2017
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A hot funny amazing girl who has the best heart ever and you can trust her and she will always be there for you she will be your best friend for life and you will become sisters forever. All the boys will want her but she will always wait for that special person
Omg Paige is so hot
by Gymnast_basketballgirl11 November 01, 2015
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