When you've put in the time and effort in the past, so that you don't have to work as hard in the present or future.
When the restaurant's most experienced waiter was asked if she wanted to work during Christmas day, she declined, saying "I've paid my dues."
by D. Y. Vetz December 7, 2020
Paid my dues is a song by the rapper NF. It talks about how people don’t like his album “The Search” and how they make bad reviews on the album. It also talks about how people keep comparing him to another well known rapper Eminem saying that NF is bad. People generally trash the type of music that NF makes because not a lot of people like emotional music which is the type of music that NF makes.
Person 1: Have you heard the song “Paid My Dues” by NF?
Person 2: Yeah it’s a bad song.

Person 1: Really???
Person 2: It’s just not the type of music I like.

Person 1: Oh that makes more sense.
by A error has happened December 26, 2020
When you've officially dated/slept with a fat chick, therefore it is beneath you to ever do it again.
EXCEPTION: In times of extreme drought.
No way bro, I'd never hit that... I paid my dues.
by nhbmaing June 18, 2011