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The '''Padwell boys''' is a youtube channel consisting of Henry Padley, aged 15, and Oliver Powell, aged 15. They created their youtube name by merging their surnames together. They also have an instagram account @THEPADWELLBOYS which has 60 followers.
Their first video was released on Aug 19th 2013 and currently has 266 views. They have a wide range of videos including a 'get ready with us' video, in which Henry Padley wears strawberry lip gloss and enjoys it. They also have a couple of cooking videos and other tutorials. In their Valentine's video last year, they mentioned that they were 'forever alone', suggesting they were single.

In videos filmed at Padley's house, his dog, Paddy, is present, following the young boys around.
You can purchase merchandise.
Friend: Have you seen the new Padwell boys vid
Me: I've got my strawberry lip gloss ready
by DoctorCanca February 06, 2015
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