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(adj) Describes a girl of a lowly white trashy, trailer-queen type background who is (unsuccessfully) fighting out of her weight class to aspire to come off with more tact, class, and fashion sense than is genetically possible given her history. Typically a 5th degree clinger who sponges off social tips and fashion tricks from a smarter, sharper, and more beautiful girl who is for some reason really into doing charity work.
Dude: Hey, why is this Chelsea chick always around? Can't you get rid of her for a day or two?

Dudette: She's a fuckin' Padewan trailer, dude. She dresses like me, talks like me, and is always asking me about stupid shit. I thought I'd help with a few things but, shezzus, now she hangs around like a fart in a sauna.
by mhibma February 20, 2006
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