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An addiction that hits members of highly active kayak and canoe clubs. Strong social ties combine with adrenaline and endorphins, released of the physical activity, to create an addiction-like state. The paddler will lose interest in other activities such as work, house-cleaning and sometimes even non-paddling friends and family members. Seriously diseased paddlers will often make excuses for even more aggressively dysfunctional members of their circle, especially leaders, rather than risk being cast out or walking away, and losing paddle buddies.
1. Dennis missed the opportunity to be at his mother's bedside when she passed away because of Paddle Disease; the Plateau got an inch and a half of rain and while his mom might be up for two more days, the creeks wouldn't.

2. If it weren't for Paddle Disease, she would have walked away from John long before he slept with those 3 other women on last weekend's canoe camping trip.
by Saucy Paddler January 21, 2012
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