Pablo is usually acting really homo. He likes other dudes penises. Every time Pablo comes close to a guy he gets hard.
Pablo thinks I put his phone in my pants
by MuddyDude October 09, 2019
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Being or acting acting gay
Pablo is acting like a "Pablo"
by XxSpeedyNinja February 22, 2019
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A young boy (ages 5-15) who dresses in bright sportswear and can be seen on holiday in many large European cities. Typically Pablos will be excitable, often travelling in large groups but sometimes may be with their parents.

Key features of Pabloesque clothing include:

1) Bright neon footwear. Running shoes are a real must for young Pablos. Due to their behaviour (covering large distances on foot everyday through city centres) this item of clothing is as much practical as it is aesthetic.
2) A brightly coloured rucksack.
3) A brightly coloured sun hat or snapback.
4) A small bag worn on the waist (fanny pack). Brightly coloured of course.
5) Shorts or skinny jeans
6) A t-shirt that has been bought whilst on holiday as a souvenir.

Physical appearance:

Pablos come in many shapes and sizes and it's difficult to define what quite makes a Pablo. Whilst clothing is more important for identifying a Pablo than his physical appearance there tends to be a recurring theme in how they look.

1) "Cool" haircut
2) Sun tan

That's about it.
Look at young Pablo over there, he looks like he's enjoying himself..

I wish my shoes were as cool as Pablo's
by William Keith July 13, 2018
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a circle chined homocidal kid that scares everyone
β€œlook at how scary that pablo is”
by skrt skrt nibba February 22, 2018
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